Q:  Do you ship internationally?
     A:  Yes, we will ship world wide.  The shipping fee to you destination is programmed into the site and you will see the         charge at the end of the order process.
     Q:  Can you add a label to the center of the record?
     A:  Yes, we can professionally add a label to your plated record and give the label that "pressed in" look.  We also use high quality gloss paper to give the appearance of a factory printed label.  It can be a photograph, company logo, or your favorite record.  You would have to send us the image by email on a jpg or PDF file or send to us by US Mail. 
     Q:  Can we select the number of songs, or tracks for the plated LP record we purchase?
     A:  At the moment, we only have a selection of 4 or 5 tracks per side.
     Q:  Can I touch or clean the plated record?
     A:  You can touch the record but please handle with care.  Do not let anything sharp come into contact with the record and if you feel the need to clean smudges or finger prints, us a soft cloth (not a tissue) and gently rub the blemish.  A little water would not harm the record, but do not use a soap based product. 
     Q:  Can I sign or autograph the record?
     A:  Yes, but only with a "Sharpie" type pen.  Allow to dry for a few seconds before touching to prevent smearing.
     Q:  Can I play the record on a record player?
     A:  No, this will remove the plating and could damage the record player needle.
     Q:  Are these records spray painted?
     A:  No, the vinyl records go through a multi step electro plating process.  They have a shiny, mirror like finish that will never fade, tarnish or corrode.  You do not get a finish like this with spray paint.
     Q:  Do you have any plated records at a lower cost?
     A:  We may have a supply of blemished records that will have a slight smudge, scratch, etc., that we will sell for half the listed price.  Contact us to check if these are available.